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Identity Conscious is an outlook on life, both professional and personal. It is a way of interacting with the world around us. Gaining greater awareness of our own and others’ identities helps to build successful relationships, successful communications, successful products and effective systems to ultimately make more money. Being identity conscious makes people feel closer, building trust and confidence in people and companies. Identity Conscious leads to both minimizing mistakes and productively managing mistakes when they happen.

Without Identity Conscious, we only think about ourselves and our own existing frames of reference. Without Identity Conscious, we push away great talent and creativity.

Coaching and Training

Gain the Identity Conscious™ insight to create an atmosphere and leadership team that resonates with every stakeholder.

One-on-one Coaching

Training And Toolkits

Intercultural Communication

Strategy and Culture

Integrate DEIA into every functional area of the organization, utilizing a data-informed approach to motivate stakeholders and align values with action.

Culture And Values Alignment

Evaluation And Reports

Campaign Development

DEI Advisors

Integrate our 20+ years of DEI expertise directly into your team for specific projects.

Communications Content Audit

Project-based Consultant

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