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Integrate our 20+ years of DEI expertise directly into your team for specific projects.


Your inclusion expert

Is your website DEI friendly and accessible?

One Us Consulting will audit your content and optimize your message to reach consumers you didn’t know you were leaving out!

Are you …

  • a Marketing agency working with clients to re-brand their image?
  • a Healthcare innovator or patient care provider in need of diverse patient outreach?

A One Us advisor will provide a DEI&A voice during meetings, and will partake in the process, from building of a target audience, to choosing colors, mission statements, and messaging.

Our Identity Conscious™ approach audits your  words, images, and layout to be more inclusive, based on the 20 identity markers most commonly ignored. 

How We Do It

Communications Content Audit

One Us will review internal and external content to provide more inclusive and accessible language, imagery, and everything in between!

Project-based Consultant

Have a One Us advisor become a part of your team to provide a DEIA lens to the work.
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Ready to transform your workplace?

More DEI Services

Coaching and Training

Gain the Identity Conscious™ insight to create an atmosphere and leadership team that resonates with every stakeholder.

Strategy and Culture

Integrate DEIA into every functional area of the organization, utilizing a data-informed approach to motivate stakeholders and align values with action.

Ready to transform your workplace?

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