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Identity Conscious™ Our signature 4-step approach to DEIA

We understand that fostering an inclusive environment is not just creating a work culture but it's a competitive edge in the marketplace. At One Us Consulting, we integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility into the foundation of your organization all while maintaining your brand. With our four-step approach, One Us will tailor a plan to empower your teams with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to Be Identity Conscious and Lead Identity Conscious™.
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Identity is who we are, what we need, and how we interact



Socioeconomic Class

Gender Identity and Expression

Sexual Orientation


Disability Status

Religion and Spirituality



Familial Status

National Origin

Languages Spoken

Immigration Status

Veteran Status

Education Level

Body size and stature

Skin Color

Years of Experience

Phase 1. Assess

Start where you are

We don't know what we don't know. Even if asked, an employee is afraid to be honest with a manager or CEO. A perfect place to start is to understand ourselves as organizations and individuals. The journey starts exactly where you are. No judgments. Information is a good thing. To pave the way for meaningful DEI initiatives, we identify your strengths and recognize the areas to maximize improvement.
Anonymous self-reporting from employees
Capturing data to gain a comprehensive view of your path forward
Measure the alignment of your organization to its core DEI values
Review internal and external communications materials and websites
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Phase 2. Learn

Building Blocks of DEI

Here is where we set the groundwork for a transformative DEI experience. We curate workshops and activities to provide knowledge, skills and tools to understand bias, enhance daily interactions and fortify relationships.

Phase 3. Implement

Turning insight into action

In the IMPLEMENT phase, we guide all stakeholders to actively engage in the practice of inclusion. Our goal here is to ensure that DEI principles are interwoven with every interpersonal interaction and every facet of your organization's operations.
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Phase 4. Grow

Sustaining success

With One Us guidance, you now have the tools to lead the way. Your leadership style and influence will be... Identity Conscious™

Ready to transform your workplace?

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