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Identity Conscious™

61%. That's the amount of employees who feel pressure to cover up parts of who they are. With the Identity Conscious™ approach and certificate program, One Us Consulting helps you create a safe and fun environment that shrinks this number and puts you at the top of the "best places to work" lists.

Coaching and Training

Gain the Identity Conscious™ insight to create an atmosphere and leadership team that resonates with every stakeholder.

Strategy and Culture

Integrate DEIA into every functional area of the organization, utilizing a data-informed approach to motivate stakeholders and align values with action.

DEI Advisors

Integrate our 20+ years of DEI expertise directly into your team for specific projects.
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About Us

20+ years of making every voice matter

At One Us Consulting, we use differences to unite organizations and strengthen teams. Our style turns challenging topics and situations into opportunities for joy and growth. We specialize in guiding leaders to maximize equity and inclusion as a source of excellence and innovation that reverberates throughout the entire organization.

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